Retired smsgt {usaf / security forces}


Grew up in a farming community in the Midwest {Nebraska}

so had dogs my entire life {hunting, livestock dogs, 4H} . . .

Producing experience:  started out with 'Pitbulls', then moved on to the American Boxer before being introduced to the Cane Corso in 2007.  King Kobe is my foundation Cane Corso Stud; as well as, my foundation Stud of my Mastiff-Bully (American Bandogge Mastiff) program. 

Very common question I'm asked is; "Why do I produce mixed breed Mastiffs; why do I mix the 'purebred' dogs ?  ... 

Hybrid Vigor is the answer; as well as, it's "My Passion".

IMHO there is no such thing as a "Purebred" . . .  unless a particular breed was miraculously conceived . . . every breed has went through the same exact stages to become what it is today ... and / or, with the immense dilution of genes in every 'purebred', what it is no longer ...

What gets me the most I guess is the vast, individual structure disparity in every 'purebred' breed ... and all the registries.


We breed first and foremost for TEMPERAMENT(STABLE),





'Hobby Breeder' concentrating on exceptional lines of numerous Mastiff breeds including the South African Boerboel, Argentine Dogo, Italian Mastiffs (Cane Corso & Neapolitan), Presa Canario, and American Great Dane.

We also have a 'Mastiff-Bully' line which includes both the Neapolitan & Cane Corso Mastiff, American Bulldog, American Staffordshire Terrier(Pit), and Dogue de Bordeaux(French Mastiff) bloodlines.  All of our Mastiff-Bully bloodlines originated from the exceptional, LUCERO 'American Bandog Mastiff' bloodlines.