'Hobby Breeder' concentrating on exceptional lines of numerous Mastiff breeds including the South African Boerboel, Argentine Dogo, Italian Mastiffs (Cane Corso & Neapolitan), Presa Canario, and American Great Dane.

We also have a 'Mastiff-Bully' line which includes both the Neapolitan & Cane Corso Mastiff, American Bulldog, American Staffordshire Terrier(Pit), and Dogue de Bordeaux(French Mastiff) bloodlines.  All of our Mastiff-Bully bloodlines originated from the exceptional, LUCERO 'American Bandog Mastiff' bloodlines. 



Retired smsgt {usaf / security forces}


Grew up in a farming community in the Midwest {Nebraska}

so had dogs my entire life {hunting, livestock dogs, 4H} . . .

Producing experience:  started out with 'Pitbulls', then moved on to the American Boxer before being introduced to the Cane Corso in 2007.  King Kobe is my foundation Cane Corso Stud; as well as, my foundation Stud of my Mastiff-Bully (American Bandogge Mastiff) program. 

Very common question I'm asked is; "Why do I produce mixed breed Mastiffs; why do I mix the 'purebred' dogs ?  ... 

Hybrid Vigor is the answer; as well as, it's "My Passion".

IMHO there is no such thing as a "Purebred" . . .  unless a particular breed was miraculously conceived . . . every breed has went through the same exact stages to become what it is today ... and / or, with the immense dilution of genes in every 'purebred', what it is no longer ...

What gets me the most I guess is the vast, individual structure disparity in every 'purebred' breed ... and all the registries.


We breed first and foremost for TEMPERAMENT(STABLE),