Welcome to our website.  We are a family, friends, and Co-owner ran, 'Hobby Breeding & Training' Program; IE, Not a Kennel. 

We have an intense passion for our 'pups' and what we are producing in our program(s).

'Mastiff Hybrids'  ... 'Designer Dogs' ... 'Bandogs'  ... and even 'Mutts' are all terms that have been used by others to "label" our lines.  Let's officially go with 'HYBRID VIGOR MIXED MASTIFFS' for the record.

 We use exceptional foundation stock, and practice Quality, Selective Breeding Standards. DNA testing, blood panel health testing, and X-rays to rule out HJD in our breeding stock are absolute staples in our program as well.


'BEST of the BEST Only'  is what you'll find here  ...